About Me

I spent my school days addicted to reading. Historicals. Regencies. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Westerns, etc. The list goes on. I would tuck a book in my open science book and pretend to be following along with class when I was really lost in a fantasy world of happily ever after. Though my knowledge of mitochondria is woefully limited, I can boast a vast array of trivia about the pirate trade of the 16th century, American pioneer life and Regency etiquette of the Ton.

My reading habits haven’t improved much and I still read when I should be doing laundry, making dinner and/or any household chores (we order a lot of pizza). In fact, when I discover a new author I will read their entire backlist non-stop. Literally. I won’t do anything else but read. Addiction is a dangerous thing.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and three children. Between reading and juggling family, I am hard at work writing. It’s my secret hope that my books will find their way inside text books, sparking the imagination and talent of the next generation of writers. My apologies to teachers everywhere.

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Author FAQ

Why do you write Young Adult books?

I love young adult because the audience is so much more willing to take a chance on the content. If I want to write about a cheerleader turned Undead or a teen girl wondering if its time to give up the V, I get to do that. My voice lends naturally to teen fiction and I think deep inside, I am really just a snarky sixteen year old at heart.

How long have you been a writer?

My first novel was published in 2006. I love writing books, but after a couple of years, I realized that my story telling wanted to branch out into other mediums where I could collaberate with creative people. Writing is a very solitary profession and I am a social bunny. So I started adapting my books to new media in an effort to expand my skill set and have a reason to shower and leave the house more often. I'm much happier, but the trade off means I have less books out each year.

Are you as funny in real life as in your books?

Yes and don’t believe a word my family tells you otherwise.

What is the best part of being an author?

I get to work in my pajamas. Also, when I space out in the middle of a conversation, I can just claim I had a great idea for a book and people find it charmingly eccentric instead of rude.

Are your characters based off of people you know?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, in the sense that most of my characters are named after people I know or family because I would rather waste brain cells on the storyline than on the names for people. And no, though I might borrow a trait or two from someone I know, the character personalities are all made up in my head. A very scary place to be conceived, you can be sure.

Do you get to hobnob with any famous authors?

I think writers are the biggest fan girls when it comes to meeting other authors. I go all stalker chick and squee in delight when one of my favorite authors sign a book for me. Even though we have the same job, I think they are so much cooler than I am.

What do you do for fun?

Read. I love to read. I am also a big fan of board games and video games. I love to spend time with my friends (which are mostly fellow writers) where we always end up talking craft, or plotting or