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Summer 2014
New book coming out! My first adult contemporary full length novel is now available in a boxed set with six other amazing authors called the Sassy Seven: Sexy, Stylish, Scintillating novels from some of today’s Top-selling Authors.Game Geeks and Fashion Freaks is the title of my novel and you can Pre-order it now for only $.99!
Fall 2013
Half Blood Vampire Series Bundle is now available in ebook formats. For the first time ever you can own the entire Half-blood series in one box set, including Braced to Bite, Fangs for Freaks, Dating for Demons and Vamp, Inc..
Summer 2013
Vamp, Inc. Book 3.5 in the Half-blood vampire series is now available in ebook.

Spring 2013
It's official everyone! The rights to my half blood vampire series have finally reverted back to me so I can start putting out NEW BOOKS in the series!! I am having new covers made for the current books and Book 4 in the series entitled Crazy to Cast will be available in both print and ebook in Fall 2013.

And if that wasn't awesome enough, Book 5 in the series entitled Howling for Help will be out Spring 2014.

I am thrilled to be able to write in this world again. I will be introducing new characters as well as welcoming back original favorites. Look forward to more hijinx and humor as I expand the half blood vampire universe to include Magick Engineers (do NOT call them witches, that is sooo politically incorrect), a shapeshifting fraternity (Those Alpha's can be such animals, no, I mean it literally...) and much, much more.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak at the new covers and back copy blurbs coming soon!

Winter 2012
I am very excited to have turned in the entire first season of scripts for the "The Crew" to the Studio. "The Crew" web series is based on my novel, Giving Up the V and as I wait for feedback from the Producers and Studio so I can do edits, I look at my calendar of Things To Do and wonder, well, what to do next.

I was hoping to have my half-blood vampire series on ebook reduced to a lower price, but am tied up in red tape on that front. Fret not, I am working dilligently to make that happen.

I have a middle grade book I finished last year that will be making the rounds for a new publishing house and I have started my next original YA novel, which has got me pretty excited.

In the Spring, the next installment of my half-blood vampire series should be available. The working title is Magick 101 but I am toying with a new title to match all the other titles. Believe it or not, that is not as easy as it sounds. I'll keep you posted. This is my first independently published book so I am learning a ton and excited to be able to take the series in any direction I want. Viva la Freedom!

Autumn 2012
The summer flew by and I am working on scripts for a new web series entitled 'The Crew' based on my book "Giving up the V'. The web series is delightful and different and I hope my fans will watch. I will keep you posted when we enter production and when/where to tune in.

In the meantime, before Christmas my hope is that my half blood vampire series will be available in ebook for a substantial discount than it has in the past. Also, a new book in the series is coming in the Spring of 2013. Thank you all for your support as I expand my writing to web and television, while still trying to keep up with demand in book format. I am so lucky to have such wonderful fans!

April 2012
Just a quick update to let everyone know what I am working on. Currently I am writing my latest contemporary YA novel, Eight Weeks in Yuma. Before I am bombarded with emails, this is not a sequel to Giving Up the V. But, for those of you wanting more GUTV, something is in the works of epic proportions. How's that for a frustrating lead in?

I promised the next book set in the Half-Blood Vampire world, but publication being what it is, the release date for Magick 101 is currently in limbo and I will let you know as soon as I have that.

I have a couple other projects where I hope to be able to make announcements very shortly, so stay tuned...


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Photos and Character Art

Another author photo

Every couple of years I have new author photos done. I am never sure how they will turn out. For example, the one above reminds me of a real estate agent ad you would find on a park bench somewhere. Don't I look like I could sell your house?

Serena at Booksignings

Here I am at my very first book signing in 2006. I had tee shirts made for my half-blood vampire books. These books were later reissued in 2010 with new covers.

Half-Blood Vampire Art

I had concept art created for my Half-Blood Vampire series to investigate doing a graphic novel. Although it never came to fruition, I do love seeing all the characters come to life. You can see the rest at my Facebook Fan Page.